8. 7. / 16:00

Efim Graboy – director and Docaviv short film selector, Israel
Mateo Ybarra – Visions du Réel Industry Coordinator, Switzerland
Joana Sousa – Doclisboa Co-Director, Portugal
Nenad Puhovski – ZagrebDox Director, Croatia

Martina Petrović – CEO of Creative Europe Desk – MEDIA Office Croatia

New Visions ; New Realities is Diversions Industry program focused on documentary film and developed as an answer to one of the socially most difficult and strangest years of the last decades. 

Independent culture, various creative and collaborative initiatives are affected by severe circumstances where the only common denominator is – bare survival. In that process, authors-individuals are the most exposed and frequently unprotected, under a huge amount of pressure but still with the same amount of responsibility.

Doxanje is a program initiated on Diversions International Short Film Festival in 2016 dedicated to all documentary filmmakers who bravely and critically question the life surrounding us. International documentary film festivals participate in the program with the selection of the films from their national selections. Special care and attention are given to the works which do not hold back from experimenting and playing with conventional documentary format and give a new and different perspective on people, nature, world, and universe and all their inter-relations. 

Inspiration for the initiation of this program was in a single poetical impulse, in the quest for a new perspective of reality and life in general. Taken aback by the situation we realized that this quest now transforms into action while our reality becomes more and more unbeknown.

In the last couple of years, Diversions hosted the friends from the Ji.hlava international documentary film festival, Visions du Réel Nyon, GreekThessaloniki Documentary Festival, Docaviv international documentary film festival, and Doclisboa, Lisabon.

This year in its special edition, for the first time without the screenings of documentary films, the representatives of some of the mentioned festivals will participate in the panel to discuss the new visions and new realities.

We will talk about facing and coping with reality from the context of culture and cinema, we will raise questions about the position of the filmmakers in the following decade and their adjustability to social circumstances with artistic expression. Established relations are also referred to the more frequent activistic nature of the filmmakers – documentarists, their role in the community, and social responsibility. Simultaneously, we would like to find out from the position of festival professionals how the big festivals adjust to the same currents and movements in the social sphere, how do they see their social role and responsibility, what will the programming challenges be in following years, and how do they understand the interconnectional forms of collaboration of various creative fields coming from their structures as well. 

Program is held under the high patronage of the Embassy of the State of Israel to the Republic of Croatia, Embassy of Portugal to the Republic of Croatia, and CED – Media Office Croatia, with the friendly support of and Vern University Zagreb as Diversions Academic Partner.

The program will be held on Thursday, July 8th at 16.00 at Kino Zelina, Sveti Ivan Zelina, Croatia with the international live broadcast on Diversions official web page.